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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Anyelwiswe Boy African God has purified...
Anzelm Boy Polish Protective
Apela Boy Hebrew Breath
Apelahama Boy Hebrew Father of a mult...
Apelles Boy Greek Uncertain, perha...
Aqeel Boy Arabic Wise
Arabel Girl English N/A
Arabela Girl English N/A
Arabella Girl English N/A
Arabelle Girl English N/A
Aracela Girl Latin Altar of heaven
Araceli Girl Latin Sky altar
Aracelle Girl Latin Altar of heaven
Aracely Girl Latin Sky altar
Arbella Girl English N/A
Arbelle Girl English N/A
Arcelia Girl Latin Altar of heaven
Arcell Boy American E... N/A
Archelaus Boy Greek Chief of the peo...
Arela Girl Hebrew Angel, messenger
Areli Both Hebrew Brave; courageou...
Arelie Girl Hebrew Brave; courageou...
Arella Girl Hebrew Angel, messenger
Arely Both Hebrew Brave; courageou...
Argantael Girl Breton Noble silver
Ariannell Girl Welsh N/A
Ariel Both Hebrew Lion of God
Ariela Girl Hebrew Lion of God
Ariella Girl Hebrew Lion of God
Arielle Girl Hebrew Lion of God