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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
LaTrell Boy American E... N/A
Laure-Adeli... Girl Latin Laurel
Laurel Girl Latin Laurel
Laureline Girl Latin Laurel
Laurelle Girl Latin Bay tree, laurel.
LaVelle Boy American E... N/A
Lee El Boy Hebrew God is mine; I b...
Leela Girl Sanskrit Play; amorous sp...
Lela Girl Persian Dark-haired beau...
Lelah Girl Persian Dark-haired beau...
Leland Boy English Land lying fallow
Lelei Both Pacific Is... Good
Lelia Girl Latin N/A
Lemuel Boy Hebrew Devoted to god
Leonel Boy Latin Lion
Liddell Boy English Hlyde valley
Liesel Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Lieselotte Girl German N/A
Lindell Boy German Lime tree
Lionel Boy Latin Lion
Llelo Boy Welsh N/A
Llewellyn Boy Welsh N/A
Llewelyn Boy Welsh N/A
Llywellyn Boy Welsh N/A
Llywelyn Boy Welsh N/A
Lobelia Girl English Lobelia flower
Lokapele Girl Italian Beautiful rose
Lokelani Both Hawaiian Heavenly rose
Lorelai Girl German Murmuring rock
Lorelei Girl German Murmuring rock