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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aelfrida Girl English Elf counsel
Aelfstan Boy English Elf stone
Aelfweard Boy English Guardian of the ...
Aelfwine Boy English Elf friend
Aelgar Boy English Elf spear
Aelhaearn Boy Welsh An iron brow
Aelia Girl Latin N/A
Aeliana Girl Latin N/A
Aelianus Boy Latin N/A
Aelius Boy Latin N/A
Aelred Boy English Noble counsel
Aelwen Girl Welsh Blessed brow
Aelwyn Boy Germanic Noble friend
Aethelburg Girl English Noble fortress
Aethelburh Girl English Noble fortress
Aetheldaeg Girl English Noble Day
Aetheldreda Girl English Noble strength
Aethelfled Girl English Noble beauty
Aethelfrith Girl English Noble peace
Aethelgifu Girl English Noble gift
Aethelgyth Girl English Noble war
Aethelred Boy English Noble counsel
Aethelswith Girl English Noble Strength
Aethelu Girl English Noble
Aethelwine Boy English Noble friend
Agele Girl Greek Herd
Agnella Girl Greek Chaste
Akahele Both Hawaiian Careful, cautious
Akeel Boy Arabic Wise
Akeelah Girl Arabic Wise