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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hermelinda Girl Germanic Powerful with th...
Hershell Boy N/A N/A
Hertsel Boy N/A N/A
Hertzel Boy N/A N/A
Hertzela Girl N/A N/A
Heskel Boy Hebrew Wisdom
Hevel Boy Hebrew Breath
Hilela Girl Hebrew Praise
Hillel Boy Hebrew Praise
Hillela Girl Hebrew Praise
Hindel Girl Yiddish Hind, female red...
Hindelle Girl Yiddish Hind, female red...
Hirael Both Welsh Long brow
Hirschel Boy Yiddish Little deer
Ho'okele Both Hawaiian Navigator, helms...
Hokuhelele'i Both Hawaiian Falling stars
Hokulele Both Hawaiian Shooting star
Hopoelehua Girl Hawaiian Tall lehua tree ...
Howell Boy Welsh Eminent
Hu'elani Both Hawaiian Opening up to he...
Hywel Boy Welsh Eminent
Hywela Girl Welsh Eminent
Idella Girl German Work
Idelle Girl German Work
Iezekiel Boy Hebrew God will strengt...
Ikleel Boy Arabic Crown
Imelda Girl Germanic Entire battle
Immanuel Boy Hebrew God is with us
Immanuela Both Hebrew God is with us
Indraneel Boy Sanskrit Blue as Indra; s...