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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Helene Girl Greek Wicker, reed, sh...
Heleuma Both Hawaiian Anchor
Helewis Girl Germanic Hale and wide
Helewise Girl Germanic Hale and wide
Helga Girl German Holy
Helge Boy Norse Successful
Helgi Boy Norse Successful
Helicia Girl Greek Sunshine
Hélicie Girl Greek Sunshine
Helina Girl Russian Light from the sun
Heliodoro Boy Greek Gift of sun
Heliodorus Boy Greek Gift of the sun
Helios Boy Greek Sun
Heller Boy German Small medieval c...
Hellerson Boy German Son of Heller
Helm Boy Germanic Protection; helmet
Helma Girl Germanic Protection; helmet
Helmar Boy Germanic Famous protector
Helmer Boy Germanic Famous protector
Helmi Girl Germanic Will, desire and...
Helmine Girl Germanic Will, desire and...
Helmut Boy German Spirited helmet
Helmuth Boy Germanic Helmet + spirit
Heloísa Girl French Sun
Héloise Girl French Sun
Helorum Boy English N/A
Helwig Boy Germanic Luck in battle
Hemolele Both Hawaiian Perfect; holy; v...
Hemolelekea... Both Hawaiian The perfect god,...
Hercuel Boy Greek Glory of Hera