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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Felixa Girl Latin Happy
Felixia Girl Latin Happy
Felizitas Girl Latin Good fortune
Felka Girl Latin Lucky
Fell Boy English Lives by a crag
Felman Boy English Man who lives by...
Felton Boy English Town in the fields
Fenella Girl Gaelic White Shoulder
Ferelith Girl Gaelic N/A
Fetuilelagi Girl Pacific Is... Star in the sky
Fidel Boy Latin Faithful
Fidela Girl Latin Faithful
Fidèle Boy French Faithful
Fidelia Girl Italian Loyal
Fidelis Boy Latin Faithful; loyal;...
Fidelity Both English Faithfulness
Fidelja Girl Italian Loyal
Fielder Boy English One who works th...
Fielding Boy English One who works th...
Filadelfo Boy Greek Brotherly love
Finella Girl Gaelic Fair shoulder, w...
Fiorella Girl Italian Flower
Florimel Girl Latin Honey flower
Florimell Girl Latin Honey flower
Florisel Boy N/A N/A
Florizel Boy N/A N/A
Francelin Boy Latin Free man
Franceline Girl Latin Free man
Friedelinde Girl German Gentle peace
Friedhelm Boy Germanic Protector of the...