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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Estelle Girl Latin Star
Estrella Girl Spanish Star
Etel Girl English Righteous; noble
Etelka Girl Germanic Noble
Ethel Girl English Righteous; noble
Ethelberga Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelbert Boy Germanic Nobly bright
Ethelburg Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelburga Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelburh Girl English Noble fortress
Etheldreda Girl English Noble strength
Ethelfleda Girl English Noble beauty
Ethelfrith Girl English Noble peace
Ethelgifu Girl English Noble gift
Ethelgyth Girl English Noble war
Ethelinda Girl Germanic Noble snake
Etheline Girl Germanic Noble snake
Ethelred Boy English Noble counsel
Ethelswith Girl English Noble Strength
Ethelwine Boy English Noble friend
Euell Boy English Spring; source o...
Eustella Girl Greek Fair star
Evangelia Girl Greek Good news; beare...
Evangelina Girl Greek Good news; beare...
Evangeline Girl Greek Good news; beare...
Eveleen Girl Hebrew Life
Evelia Girl Hebrew Life
Evelien Girl Hebrew Life
Evelin Girl German Uncertain, possi...
Evelina Girl German Uncertain, possi...