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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Delmira Girl Germanic Of noble race
Delmon Boy English Man of the mount...
Delmus Boy Catalan Person living in...
Delois Girl American E... N/A
Delora Girl Spanish Sorrows
Delores Girl Spanish Sorrows
Deloris Girl Spanish Sorrows
Delos Boy Greek Greek island
Delpha Girl Greek Brotherly love
Delphia Girl Greek Woman from Delphi
Delphina Girl Latin Woman from Delphi
Delphine Girl Latin Woman from Delphi
Delphinia Girl Latin Woman from Delphi
Delroy Boy American E... N/A
Delta Both Greek Fourth letter of...
Delton Boy English Town in a wooded...
Delun Girl Welsh Pretty one; pret...
Delwen Girl Welsh Pretty and white
Delwyn Boy Welsh Pretty and white
Delyth Girl Welsh Pretty
Demelza Girl Cornish Place in the par...
Deniel Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Denzel Boy Cornish N/A
Denzell Boy Cornish N/A
Derfael Boy Welsh Oak prince; stub...
Derfel Boy Welsh Oak prince; stub...
Deuel Boy Hebrew Knowledge of God
Deuela Girl Hebrew Knowledge of God
Diellza Girl Albanian Sun
Diethelm Both Germanic Protector of the...