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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Datiel Boy Hebrew God\'s knowledge
Dekel Boy Hebrew Palm tree; date ...
Del Girl Welsh Pretty
Dela Girl Germanic Noble
Delana Girl French From the humid l...
Delaney Both English From the alder g...
Delano Boy French N/A
Delaram Girl Afghan Calm, peaceful
Delaya Boy Hebrew God has drawn
Delbar Girl Afghan Sweetheart
Delbert Boy Germanic N/A
Delfina Girl Greek Dolphin
Delfino Boy Latin Dolphin
Delgadino Boy Spanish Slim, slender
Delia Girl Latin Of Delos
Deliah Girl Latin Of Delos
Delicia Girl Latin Delight
Delicius Boy Latin Delight
Delila Girl Hebrew N/A
Delilah Girl Hebrew N/A
DeLisa Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Delius Boy Latin Of Delos
Dell Boy English Valley
Della Girl Germanic Noble
Dellinger Boy N/A N/A
Delma Girl Gaelic Ever good
Delman Boy English Valley
Delmar Both Spanish Of the sea
Delmas Boy Catalan Person living in...
Delmer Boy Spanish Of the sea