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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aristoteles Boy Greek Best purpose
Armel Boy Breton Bear prince
Armela Girl Breton Bear prince
Armelle Girl Breton Bear prince
Arminel Girl Germanic Man in the army
Arnel Boy Germanic Powerful eagle
Arnell Girl Germanic Powerful eagle
Arnhelm Boy Germanic Protected by the...
Artelia Girl Latin Attentive
Arthfael Boy Welsh Bear king
Arwel Boy Welsh Prominent
Arzhel Boy Breton Bear prince
Arzhela Girl Breton Bear prince
Asael Boy Hebrew Created by god
Asahel Boy Hebrew Creation of god
Asarel Boy Hebrew Joy of God
Asarelah Boy Hebrew Right with God; ...
Asariel Boy Hebrew God is my aid
Ascelina Girl French Noble; Highbirth
Asceline Girl French Noble; Highbirth
Asela Girl Latin N/A
Asella Girl Latin N/A
Ashbel Boy Hebrew Uncertain, perha...
Asiel Boy Hebrew Creation of god
Asketel Boy English God's sacrificia...
Asphodel Both Greek N/A
Asphodelle Girl Greek N/A
Asriel Boy Hebrew Helped by God; l...
Athelstan Boy Germanic Noble stone
Atzel Boy Hebrew Noble; reserved,...