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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ermentraud Girl Germanic Brave in war
Esau Boy Hebrew Completed
Esmeraude Girl English Emerald
Faulk Girl English Falcon
Faulkes Boy English Falcon
Faulkner Boy English Falcon-keeper
Faun Girl English Young deer
Fauna Girl Latin Animal life
Faust Boy Latin Lucky
Fausta Girl Latin Lucky
Faustene Girl Latin Lucky
Faustina Girl Latin Lucky
Faustine Girl Latin Lucky
Faustino Boy Latin Lucky; bringing ...
Fausto Boy Latin Lucky
Faustus Boy Latin Lucky
Fauzi Boy Arabic Attainment
Fauziya Girl Arabic Victorious
Firdaus Boy Sanskrit Heaven
Frauk Girl Germanic Woman, wife, mis...
Frauke Girl Germanic Woman, wife, mis...
Fraukje Girl Germanic Woman, wife, mis...
Gaufrid Boy English Peaceful land
Gauge Boy English Measurer
Gauhar Boy Sanskrit Cow-like, white
Gaultier Boy Germanic Ruler of the army
Gaurang Boy Sanskrit Beautiful; colou...
Gauranga Boy Sanskrit Beautiful; colou...
Gaurangi Girl Sanskrit Beautiful; colou...
Gaurav Boy Sanskrit Pride; respect