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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Austyn Boy Latin Venerated
Auta Girl African Born last
Auttamika Boy Sanskrit Connected to the...
Autumn Girl English Autumn
Bartholomaus Boy Greek Son of Talmai
Baudilio Boy Spanish Victory
Baudoin Boy Germanic Brave friend
Baudouin Boy Germanic Brave friend
Baumgarten Boy German Orchard
Bautista Boy Latin Baptiser
Beau Boy French Handsome
Beaufort Boy French Lovely fortress
Beaumont Boy French Lovely hill
Beauregard Boy French Beautiful gaze
Bertraud Girl Germanic Glorious strength
Bhauma Boy Sanskrit Son of the earth
Bhauman Boy Sanskrit Belongs to the e...
Bhaumana Boy Sanskrit Belongs to the e...
Bhaumi Girl Sanskrit Daughter of the ...
Bhaumik Boy Sanskrit Being on the earth
Bhaumika Boy Sanskrit Being on the earth
Borromaus Boy Latin From Borromeo
Braulio Boy Germanic Shining, firey
Caulton Boy English Cold town
Chau Girl Vietnamese Pearls and other...
Chaucer Boy English Maker of leggings
Chaunce Boy English Good fortune
Chauncey Boy English N/A
Chauncy Boy English N/A
Chaundra Girl American E... N/A