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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aukukino Boy Hawaiian N/A
Aulay Boy Norse Ancestor
Aulis Boy Finnish Willing
Aumoe Both Hawaiian Time to sleep; l...
Auni Both Swahili Help, assist
Aura Girl Latin Breeze; breath
Aurddolen Girl Welsh Gold link
Aure Girl Latin Breeze; breath
Aurel Boy Latin Golden
Aurèle Boy Latin Golden
Aurelia Girl Latin Golden
Aurelian Boy Latin Little golden one
Auréliane Girl Latin Little golden one
Aurelianus Boy Latin Little golden one
Aurélie Girl Latin Golden
Aurélien Boy Latin Little golden one
Aureline Girl Latin Breeze; breath
Aurelio Boy Latin Golden
Aurelius Boy Latin Golden
Aureo Boy Latin Gold
Auriane Girl Latin Golden
Aurick Boy Germanic Nobel power; nob...
Auriel Girl Latin Golden
Auriol Girl Latin Golden
Aurora Girl Latin Dawn
Aurore Girl Latin Dawn
Aurva Boy Sanskrit Born of the thigh
Ausra Girl Lithuanian Dawn
Austen Boy Latin Venerated
Austin Boy Latin Venerated