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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Laurie Both Latin Laurel
Laurinda Girl American E... N/A
Laurine Girl Latin Laurel
Lauritz Boy Latin Man from Laurentum
Laurus Boy Latin Laurel
Lauryn Girl Latin Man from Laurentum
Lihau Both Hawaiian Gentle rain; coo...
MacAulay Boy Gaelic Son of the phantom
MacAuley Boy Gaelic Son of the phantom
Mahagauri Girl Sanskrit Great Gauri
Mahault Girl German Powerful battler
Mahaut Girl German Powerful battler
Margaux Girl Greek Pearl
Margeaux Girl Greek Pearl
Marie-Laure Girl Hebrew Bitter
Maua Girl Swahili Flowers
Maud Girl German Powerful battler
Maude Girl German Powerful battler
Maudie Girl Germanic Powerful battler
Maudud Boy Arabic Dear; beloved
Maugan Boy Breton Well-born boy
Maui Boy Hawaiian God of fire
Mauli Boy Sanskrit Crown
Maulidi Girl Swahili Born during Maul...
Maura Girl Latin Moor
Maureen Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Maurice Boy Latin Moor
Mauricio Boy Latin Moor
Mauricius Boy Latin Moor
Mauritia Girl Latin Moor