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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Agraciana Girl Spanish To pardon
Agyeman Boy African Born fourteenth
Ahorangi Girl Maori Enlightened
Ahriman Boy Persian Destructive force
Ahsan Boy Arabic More attractive
Ahulani Both Hawaiian Heavenly shrine
Aibrean Girl Gaelic April
Aibreann Girl Gaelic April
Aidan Boy Gaelic Little fire
Aikyan Boy Sanskrit Unity; one alone
Ailean Boy Gaelic Rock
Ailpean Boy N/A N/A
Aiman Boy Indian Very brave
Ainalani Both Hawaiian Heavenly land; a...
Ainanani Both Hawaiian Beautiful land
Airiana Girl Greek Very holy one
Airianna Girl Greek Very holy one
Airianne Girl Greek Very holy one
Aishani Girl Sanskrit N/A
Aiswaran Boy Sanskrit Belongs to the l...
Aiyana Girl American E... N/A
Aiyanna Girl American E... N/A
Ajan Boy Sanskrit The unborn; love...
Ajanabh Boy Sanskrit Hill, mountain
Ajanae Girl English N/A
Ajani Both African He fights for wh...
Akahana Girl Japanese Red rose
Akalanka Boy Sanskrit Stainless
Akanahe Both Hawaiian Speaks and acts ...
Akane Girl Japanese Madder; red dye