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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Deana Girl Latin N/A
Deandra Girl Greek Man, warrior
Deane Boy English Valley; dean
Deann Girl Latin N/A
Deanna Girl Latin N/A
Deanne Girl American E... N/A
Debdan Boy Indian Gift of the gods
Declan Boy Gaelic Full of goodness
Deepan Boy Sanskrit Illumination; li...
Deepayan Boy Sanskrit Lamp's pathway
Deeptanshu Boy Sanskrit Sun
Dehqan Boy Afghan Farmer
Deianira Girl Greek Husband slayer; ...
Dejuan Boy American E... N/A
Delana Girl French From the humid l...
Delaney Both English From the alder g...
Delano Boy French N/A
Delman Boy English Valley
Demian Boy Greek To tame
Deodan Boy Indian Gift of the gods
Dequan Boy American E... N/A
Deshan Boy Indian Nation; country
Devachandra Boy Indian God of the moon
Devadarsana Boy Sanskrit Related to the g...
Devadarshan Boy Sanskrit Related to the g...
Devakanta Boy Sanskrit Beloved of the g...
Devamadana Boy Sanskrit Pleasing the gods
Devan Both English Men of Devon
Devanand Boy Indian Joy of the gods
Devansa Boy Sanskrit For a part an in...