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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Brychan Boy Welsh Speckled
Buchanan Boy Gaelic House for the ca...
Bunyan Boy English Swelling
Bustan Both Aramaic Orchard
Byran Boy English At the cattle sh...
Cadan Boy Welsh Battle
Cadfan Boy Welsh Battle summit
Cadman Boy English Servant of Cade
Cadwgan Boy Welsh Battle glory
Caelan Boy Gaelic Slender
Cailean Boy Gaelic Dove
Cajetanus Boy Latin From Gata
Cakrapani Boy Sanskrit Discus holder
Calahan Boy Gaelic Lover of churches
Calan Boy Gaelic Slender
Calandra Girl Greek Beautiful youth;...
Calandre Girl Greek Beautiful youth;...
Calandria Girl Greek Beautiful youth;...
Calantha Girl Greek Beautiful flower
Calanthe Girl Greek Beautiful flower
Calanthia Girl Greek Beautiful flower
Callan Boy Gaelic Descendant of Ca...
Can Boy Turkish Loved; life
Canaan Boy Hebrew Meaning uncertain
Canaka Boy Sanskrit Chickpea
Canakya Boy Sanskrit Son of Canaka
Canan Girl Turkish Loved
Cancala Boy Sanskrit Moves; wind; lover
Canda Boy Sanskrit Fierce; passiona...
Candace Girl Greek Fire-white