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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Kyrene Girl Greek Sovereign queen
Laurene Girl Latin Laurel
Lene Girl German Sophisticated
Lorene Girl Latin Laurel
Madelene Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Magdalene Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Marcene Girl Latin From the god Mars
Marlene Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Menelaos Boy Greek N/A
Menelaus Boy Greek N/A
Myrlene Girl English Contracted form ...
Nene Girl Japanese Peaceful; tranqu...
Norene Girl Gaelic N/A
Olene Girl English N/A
Pearlene Girl English Pearl
Penelope Girl Greek Weaver; duck
Philene Girl Greek Lover of mankind
Philomène Girl Greek To love strength
Philomenes Boy Greek To love strength
Queenetta Girl English Female ruler
Queenette Girl English Female ruler
Rachelene Girl Hebrew Ewe
Raelene Girl Hebrew Ewe
Raylene Girl Hebrew Ewe
René Boy Latin Reborn
Renea Girl Latin Reborn
Renee Girl Latin Reborn
Ségolène Girl German Sweet victory
Selene Girl Greek Moon
Seneca Boy Latin Old