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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abelo Both African Free gift
Abelone Girl Latin From Apollo
Achelous Boy Greek He who drives ou...
Alekanekelo Boy Greek Defending men
Angelo Boy Greek Messanger
Angelos Boy Greek Messenger
Belobog Boy Slavonic White God
Belour Girl Afghan Crystal
Belourine Girl Afghan Crystal
Byelobog Boy Slavonic White God
Camelot Both English N/A
Carmelo Boy Hebrew Garden; orchard
Cesselot Girl Latin Blind
Chinelo Boy African God's strength
Cielo Girl Spanish Heaven
Consuelo Girl Spanish Solace
Delois Girl American E... N/A
Delora Girl Spanish Sorrows
Delores Girl Spanish Sorrows
Deloris Girl Spanish Sorrows
Delos Boy Greek Greek island
Elo Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Elodi Girl Germanic Uncertain, proba...
Elodia Girl Germanic Uncertain, perha...
Elodie Girl Germanic Uncertain, proba...
Elof Boy Swedish Lone descendant
Eloi Boy Latin Selection
Eloisa Girl French Sun
Éloise Girl French Sun
Elon Boy Hebrew Oak