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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aveline Girl French Uncertain, pet f...
Azelice Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Bat-Eli Girl Hebrew Daughter of my God
Bedelia Girl Gaelic Power, strength
Belia Girl French Beautiful
Beliarosa Girl Spanish N/A
Belicia Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Belinda Girl Latin Beautiful serpent
Béline Girl Germanic Serpent
Belita Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Bidelia Girl Gaelic Power, strength
Camelia Girl English The Camellia flo...
Carmeli Boy Hebrew My garden; my vi...
Carmelina Girl Hebrew Garden; orchard;...
Carmeline Girl Hebrew Garden; orchard;...
Carmelita Girl Hebrew Garden; orchard
Carnelia Girl Latin Horn; horned
Cecelia Girl Latin Blind
Celia Girl Latin Heaven; blind
Célie Girl Latin Heaven
Célimène Girl Literary N/A
Celina Girl Greek Moon
Celinda Boy Greek Selene; light; s...
Céline Girl French N/A
Celinka Girl Latin Heaven; blind
Celio Boy Latin N/A
Chapelin Boy English Clergyman
Clelia Girl Latin N/A
Clélie Girl Latin N/A
Cloelia Girl Latin N/A