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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Fridgeir Boy Icelandic Peace spear
Geir Boy Icelandic Spear
Gweirful Girl Welsh Completely shy
Gwyneira Girl Welsh White; fair; snow
Keir Boy Gaelic Little dark one;...
Keira Girl Gaelic Dark
Keiran Boy Gaelic Little dark one
Meir Boy Hebrew He who illuminates
Meira Girl Hebrew He who illuminates
Meirchion Boy Welsh Horses
Meirion Boy Latin From the god Mars
Meiriona Girl Welsh Dairyman
Meirionwen Girl Welsh White Meirion
Meirona Girl Aramaic Sheep
Meirwen Girl Welsh Blessed Mair
Neirin Boy Welsh N/A
Peirce Boy Greek Stone
Seira Girl Japanese Holy and good
Seirian Boy Welsh Sparkling
Tegeirian Girl Welsh Fair and beautif...
Tzeira Girl Hebrew Youthful, young
Yeira Girl Hebrew Light
Zeira Girl Hebrew Youthful, young
Zomeir Boy Hebrew Person who prune...