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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aneira Girl Welsh Snow
Aneirin Boy Welsh N/A
Asgeir Boy Norse Spear of god
Ceirios Girl Welsh Cherries
Ceiro Boy Welsh Love
Creirdyddly... Girl Welsh Gem of the sea; ...
Creirwy Girl Welsh A token; a jewel
Deirdra Girl Gaelic Uncertain, perha...
Deirdre Girl Gaelic Uncertain, perha...
Eira Girl Welsh Snow
Eirawen Girl Welsh Snow-white
Éire Girl Gaelic Ireland
Eireen Girl Greek Peace
Eirena Girl Greek Peace
Eirene Girl Greek Peace
Eiri Boy Japanese Crystal and vill...
Eirian Both Welsh Spendid; bright
Eirianedd Girl Welsh Spendid; bright
Eirianell Boy Welsh Spendid; bright
Eirianwen Girl Welsh Bright and blessed
Eirig Boy Welsh Fine; splendid; ...
Eirik Boy Norse Eternal ruler
Eiriol Girl Welsh Snowdrop; bright
Eirlys Girl Welsh Snowdrop
Eirug Boy Welsh Fine; splendid; ...
Eirwen Girl Welsh Snow white
Eirwyn Boy Welsh Snow white
Eiry Girl Welsh Snow
Eirys Girl Welsh Iris
Feirouz Boy N/A Lucky