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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Arp Boy N/A N/A
Árpád Boy Hungarian Origin, seed
Arpana Girl Sanskrit Auspicious; vene...
Arpeni Girl Armenian Sun
Arpi Girl Armenian Sun
Arpig Girl Armenian Sun
Arpine Girl Armenian Sun
Arpita Girl Sanskrit Offered; entrusted
Carpenter Boy English Builder, wood wo...
Carpho Girl Greek Withering
Carpo Girl Greek Withering
Darpaka Boy Sanskrit Pride
Darpan Boy Sanskrit Inducing pride
Darpana Boy Sanskrit Inducing pride
Devarpana Boy Sanskrit Offerings to the...
Harper Both English A player on the ...
Harpreet Both Indian God's love
Kandarp Boy Sanskrit Cupid
Kandarpa Boy Sanskrit Cupid
Karpani Girl Sanskrit Gladness; happin...
Marpessa Girl Greek Snatcher