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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Madhukar Boy Sanskrit Producer of hone...
Madhula Boy Sanskrit Sweet
Madhumati Girl Sanskrit Rich in honey
Madhumaya Boy Sanskrit Made of honey
Madhupa Boy Sanskrit Drinking sweetness
Madhupadma Girl Sanskrit Sweet lotus
Madhur Girl Sanskrit Sweet
Madhura Boy Sanskrit Sweet
Madhuri Girl Sanskrit Sweet
Madhusri Girl Sanskrit Beautiful spring
Madhusudana Boy Sanskrit Destroyer of Madhu
Madhusudhana Boy Sanskrit Destroyer of Madhu
Madhvija Girl Sanskrit Born of honey
Magadha Boy Sanskrit From Magadha
Magadhi Girl Sanskrit Of Magadha
Muadhnait Girl Gaelic Little noble one
Muireachadh Boy Gaelic Man of the sea
Muireadhach Boy Gaelic Sea
Murchadh Boy Gaelic Sea warrior
Nadhari Girl Swahili Vision
Nagadhipa Boy Sanskrit The overlord of ...
Nagadhiraja Boy Sanskrit The paramount ki...
Nakadhipa Boy Sanskrit Overlord of heaven
Naradhara Boy Sanskrit Supporter of man...
Nirabadha Boy Sanskrit Troubleless; pai...
Niradhara Boy Sanskrit Without support;...
Niradhari Girl Sanskrit Without support;...
Niravadhi Boy Sanskrit Endless; limitless
Osadhi Girl Sanskrit Medication
Padmadharini Girl Sanskrit Lotus-holder