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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
April Girl Latin Open
Aries Boy Greek Battle strife
Avril Girl French April
Birdy Girl English Bird
Bunny Both English Bunny; rabbit
Cedar Boy English Cedar, cedar tree
Cricket Girl English Cricket
Day Girl English Day, 24 hours' t...
Diamond Both English Precious gemstone
Early Boy English Nobleman; at the...
Easter Girl Germanic N/A
Fawn Girl English Young deer
Fleur Girl Latin Flower
Flora Girl Latin Flower
Flower Girl English A bloom
Gemini Both Latin Twin
Green Boy English The colour green
Greene Boy English The colour green
June Girl English The sixth month ...
Lily Girl English Lily
March Boy French Boundary
Mavis Girl English Song thrush
May Girl English The fifth month ...
Pascal Boy Latin Relating to Easter
Paschalis Boy Latin Relating to Easter
Pasqual Boy Latin Relating to Easter
Petal Girl English Flower's petal
Rain Both English Rain
Rainbow Both English Rainbow
Rainy Girl English Rainy, full of r...