Baby Names That Start With Letter S

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sky Both Norse Sky
Skye Girl Norse Cloud
Skyla Girl American E... The sky
Skylar Both Dutch Guarded; scholar
Skyler Both Dutch Guarded; scholar
Sofia Girl Greek Wisdom
Sofie Girl Greek Wisdom
Soleil Girl French Sun
Solomon Boy Hebrew Peace
Sommer Girl English Summer
Sondra Girl Greek Defending men
Sonia Girl Greek Wisdom
Sonja Girl Greek Wisdom
Sonny Boy English Son
Sonya Girl Greek Wisdom
Sophia Girl Greek Wisdom
Sophie Girl Greek Wisdom
Soren Boy Italian Stern, severe
Spencer Boy French Someone who give...
Spenser Boy French Someone who give...
Stacey Both Greek Resurrection
Staci Girl Greek Resurrection
Stacia Girl Greek Resurrection
Stacie Girl Greek Resurrection
Stacy Girl Greek Resurrection
Stanley Boy English Meadow that is s...
Star Girl Latin Star
Starla Girl Latin Star
Starr Girl Latin Star
Stefan Boy Greek Crown