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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
McKayla Girl Hebrew Who is like God?
McKenna Both Gaelic Son of Cionaodh
McKenzie Both Gaelic Son of Coinneach...
McKinley Boy Gaelic Son of Fhionnlao...
Meadow Girl English A meadow; a gras...
Meagan Girl Greek Pearl
Meaghan Girl Greek Pearl
Megan Girl Greek Pearl
Meghan Girl Greek Pearl
Mekhi Boy American E... N/A
Melanie Girl Greek Black
Melany Girl Greek Black
Melina Girl Greek Honey; quince-ye...
Melinda Girl English Blending of 'mel...
Melisa Girl Greek Honey-bee
Melissa Girl Greek Honey-bee
Mellisa Girl Greek Honey-bee
Mellissa Girl Greek Honey-bee
Melody Girl Greek Melody
Melvin Boy English Uncertain, possi...
Memphis Both Greek N/A
Menachem Boy Hebrew One who comforts
Mercedes Girl Spanish Mercies
Meredith Both Welsh Great lord
Messiah Boy Hebrew Anointed
Mia Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Micaela Girl Hebrew Who is like God?
Micah Boy Hebrew Who is similar?
Michael Boy Hebrew Who is like God?
Michaela Girl Hebrew Who is like God?