Baby Names That Start With Letter J

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jaida Girl English Precious green s...
Jaiden Both American E... N/A
Jaidyn Both American E... N/A
Jailene Girl American E... Jay and Leen
Jaime Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Jaimee Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jaimie Both Hebrew Supplanter
Jair Boy Hebrew He will light up
Jairo Boy Hebrew He will light up
Jajuan Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Jakayla Girl American E... N/A
Jake Boy Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Jakob Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Jakobe Boy Japanese Shrine families
Jaleel Boy Arabic Grand; noble
Jaleesa Girl American E... N/A
Jalen Both American E... N/A
Jalisa Girl American E... N/A
Jalissa Girl American E... N/A
Jaliyah Girl Arabic Lofty; sublime
Jalon Boy American E... N/A
Jamaal Boy Arabic Handsome
Jamal Boy Arabic Handsome; grace
Jamar Boy English Uncertain, perha...
JaMarcus Boy Latin From the god Mars
Jamari Boy American E... N/A
Jamarion Boy American E... N/A
Jamel Boy Arabic Handsome
James Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Jameson Boy Hebrew Supplanter