Baby Names That Start With Letter F

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Fletcher Boy English Maker of arrows
Flor Both Spanish Flower
Florence Girl Latin Blossoming; char...
Floyd Boy Welsh Grey
Flynn Both Gaelic Ruddy; red-headed
Forest Boy English Forest; of the f...
Forrest Boy English Forest; of the f...
Francene Girl Latin From France
Frances Girl Latin From France
Francesca Girl Latin From France
Francesco Boy Latin From France
Francine Girl Latin From France
Francis Boy Latin From France
Francisca Girl Latin From France
Francisco Boy Latin From France
Franco Boy Latin From France
Frank Boy Germanic Javelin
Frankie Both English N/A
Franklin Boy English Free man
Franky Both Latin From France
Fraser Boy English Uncertain, perha...
Fred Boy Germanic Peaceful ruler; ...
Freddie Both German Peaceful ruler; ...
Freddy Boy German Peaceful ruler; ...
Frederick Boy Germanic Peaceful ruler; ...
Fredrick Boy German Peaceful ruler; ...
Freya Girl Norse Woman
Frida Girl German Peace
Fynn Boy Gaelic Fair