Baby Names That Start With Letter D

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Darrin Boy Welsh Burnt land; hill
Darrion Boy English N/A
Darrius Boy Persian Maintain well; p...
Darron Boy Welsh Burnt land; hill
Darryl Boy French From Airelle
Darwin Boy English Dear friend
Daryl Both French From Airelle
Dasia Girl Greek Gift of God
Daulton Boy English Town in the valley
Dave Boy Hebrew Beloved
Davian Boy American E... N/A
David Boy Hebrew Beloved
Davin Boy Hebrew Beloved
Davina Girl Hebrew Beloved
Davion Boy American E... N/A
Davis Boy Hebrew Beloved
Dawn Girl English Sunrise, daybreak
Dawson Boy English David's son
Dayana Girl Hebrew The judge
Dayanara Girl Greek Husband slayer; ...
Daylen Both English N/A
Dayton Boy English Town of the dale...
Deacon Boy English Deacon
Dean Boy English Valley; dean
Deana Girl Latin N/A
Deandra Girl Greek Man, warrior
Deanna Girl Latin N/A
Deanne Girl American E... N/A
Deasia Girl American E... N/A
Debbie Girl Hebrew A bee