Baby Names That Start With Letter C

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Cecilia Girl Latin Blind
Cecily Girl Latin Blind
Cedric Boy Literary N/A
CÚdrick Boy Literary N/A
Celena Girl Greek Moon
Celeste Girl French Heavenly; divine
Celia Girl Latin Heaven; blind
Celina Girl Greek Moon
CÚline Girl French N/A
Cerys Girl Welsh Love
CÚsar Boy N/A N/A
Chad Boy English N/A
Chadrick Boy English Meaning uncertain
Chadwick Boy English Ceadda's dairy f...
Chaim Boy Hebrew Alive
Chana Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Chance Boy English Good fortune
Chandler Boy English Candle seller
Chandra Both Sanskrit The moon; shining
Chanel Both French Channel, pipe
Chanelle Girl French Channel, pipe
Channing Boy English Knowing
Chantal Girl French Place of stones
ChantÚ Boy French Sang
Chantel Girl French Stony place
Chantelle Girl French Stony place
Charis Girl Greek Grace; charm
Charissa Girl Greek Grace; charm
Charity Girl English Charity; generou...
Charlene Girl German Free man