Baby Names That Start With Letter C

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Camryn Both Gaelic Crooked nose
Candace Girl Greek Fire-white
Candice Girl Greek Fire-white
Candis Girl Greek Fire-white
Candy Girl Latin Honest
Cannon Boy English Canon; a clergyman
Caoimhe Girl Gaelic Gentleness; beauty
Cara Girl Gaelic Friend
Carey Boy Gaelic Well loved; ston...
Cari Girl German Free man
Carina Girl Latin Beloved
Carissa Girl French Caress
Carl Boy German Man
Carla Girl German Man
Carley Girl German Free man
Carli Girl German Free man
Carlie Girl German Free man
Carlo Boy German Free man
Carlos Boy German Free man
Carlton Boy English Peasants' town
Carly Girl German Free man
Carmelo Boy Hebrew Garden; orchard
Carmen Girl Hebrew Garden; orchard
Carmine Boy Hebrew Garden; orchard
Carol Both Germanic Free man
Carolina Girl German Free man
Caroline Girl German Free man
Carolyn Girl German Free man
Carrie Girl English N/A
Carson Boy Gaelic N/A