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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ajay Boy Sanskrit Unconquered
Akash Boy Sanskrit Open air, space
Akasha Both Sanskrit Open air, space
Akeem Boy Arabic Wise or insightful
Akira Both Japanese Intelligent
Alaina Girl Gaelic Rock
Alan Boy Gaelic Rock
Alana Both Gaelic Rock
Alani Both Hawaiian Orange or orange...
Alanna Girl Gaelic Rock
Alannah Girl Gaelic Rock
Alayna Girl Gaelic Rock
Albert Boy French Noble and famous
Alberto Boy Germanic Noble + bright, ...
Alden Boy English Old friend
Aldo Boy Germanic Old; elder
Aleah Girl Hebrew To ascend; to go...
Alec Boy Greek Defending men
Alecia Girl French Of noble kind
Aleena Girl French Noble
Alejandra Girl Greek Defender
Alejandro Boy Greek Defender
Alek Boy Greek Defending men
Aleksandar Boy Greek Defending men
Alena Girl Gaelic Rock
Alesha Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Alessandra Girl Greek Defending men
Alessandro Boy Greek Defending men
Alessia Girl Greek Defender
Alex Both Greek Defending men