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Norse Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ronnie Boy Norse Ruler with counsel
Ronny Both Norse Ruler with counsel
Rosco Boy Norse Roe deer wood
Roscoe Boy Norse Roe deer wood
Rowan Both Norse Little red one
Rowen Both Norse Little red one
Rowyn Boy Norse Little red one
Rune Boy Norse Rune, secret lore
Saldís Girl Norse Sun goddess; wom...
Salme Girl Norse Maiden's hall
Salmei Girl Norse Maiden's hall
Salmøy Girl Norse Maiden's hall
Senta Girl Norse Conquering
Sigdis Girl Norse Victorious woman...
Sigfinn Boy Norse Triumphant Finn
Sigfinna Girl Norse Triumphant Finn
Sigfinnur Boy Norse Triumphant Finn
Signe Girl Norse New victory
Signy Girl Norse New victory
Sigurdís Girl Norse Victorious woman...
Skjalddís Girl Norse Shield maiden
Skjolddis Girl Norse Shield maiden
Skjoldis Girl Norse Shield maiden
Skjöldr Boy Norse Shield
Skjöldur Boy Norse Shield
Sky Both Norse Sky
Skye Girl Norse Cloud
Sóldís Girl Norse Sun goddess; wom...
Solmøy Girl Norse Maiden's hall
Somerled Boy Norse Summer sailor; t...