toddler-tic-tac-toe-280x280Moms and dads are X-static about baby names featuring the letter X! And we’ve got some of the most X-cellent choices to help you set your baby apart with the X-factor!

An association with a certain fictional serial killer on a popular TV show can’t slow this one down. In fact, the name Dexter is actually growing in popularity.

The coolest cat we know also has one of the coolest, most up-and-coming baby names around. Felix has been gaining popularity since the 1970s and is even bigger in the U.K. than it is in the U.S.

Dax, Jax, Max
Max has been so popular for so long that parents have started getting creative and working their way from A to Z.

Knox, Maddox & Pax
Thank the Jolie-Pitts for the rise in popularity of this X-heavy trio. (Let’s also thank them for making the rest of us feel like slackers when it comes to good deeds, world travel and fabulous good looks, shall we?)

It’s the hip new nickname for Alexander and the super-hip new nickname-as-first-name option for parents who are so over Alex!

Xavier & Xzavier
If you just can’t get enough of the Xs, these are the names for you. But you won’t be alone with a choice like this–Xavier is the 71st most popular name for boys in the U.S.!

While you may think that this is a case of city names gone too far, many myth-loving parents are inspired to choose this name after the legendary bird that is reborn from ashes. (And anyway, as Arizona cities go, it’s a far better name choice than Lake Havasu City.)

Lexie, LexiAlexis
Lest you think X names are only for those with a Y chromosome, let’s not forget the mega-popularity of these X-studded gems.

Axl or Axel
If you’re thinkin’, “I need a really rock star X name for this ‘sweet child o’ mine,’” we’re thinkin’ this one’s got you covered.

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