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Since the whole world is watching soccer, why not gather some inspiration from the most popular sporting event on Earth?

Not only is it a snappy alternative to Oliver, but Olivier Giroud has been named one of the most attractive players at the 2014 FIFA games by Vogue — and that association can’t hurt!

Aurelian has both star-baby cred — Elle Macpherson named her son Aurelius — and soccer appeal, thanks to Cameroon’s Aurelien Chedjou.

Brazil goalkeeper Jefferson de Oliveira Galvao’s moniker shows that presidential names can work anywhere in the world!

Argentine Olympian footballer Lionel Messi lives up to his name: He plays like a “little lion!”

Thanks to Italy’s Thiago Motta and Brazilian captain Thiago Silva, this has already become one of the fastest-rising names in the states.

Rob and Ben
Love soccer and expecting twins? No worries. The perfect names for your tag team lie within the surname of Dutch powerhouse Arjen Robben!

The Finals are hosted in Rio de Janeiro, which is lucky because Rio makes a fine fit for a girl or boy. Actor Oliver Hudson chose it for his daughter, while No Doubt’s Tom Dumont and Jillian Barberie Reynolds also picked it for their boys.


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