baby wearing winter coatIt’s f-f-f-freezin’ outside, but instead of complaining (more snow?!), we’re using the weather as inspiration for some fun and frosty baby names. Grab your earmuffs and read on!

OK, so this one’s obvious, but it’s not necessarily an obvious choice for a baby name. Unless, of course, you’re super-cool, like Nicole Richie, who dubbed her daughter Harlow Winter Kate.

She might not be as warm as her cousin April or her brother August, but we love January all the same!

Winter getaway, anyone? Hey, if there have to be 12-foot snow drifts, you might as well get to dress up in cute ski clothes and go “zushing” down the slopes!

Because it’s way prettier then calling your kid Blizzard … and white is about the only color you’ve seen for weeks!

Who couldn’t do with a little heat right about now?

As in Frost, of course. (Though we’ve had just about enough of his nose-nipping for the season, thankyouverymuch!)

Somehow the Italian language manages to make even the word “snow” sound gorgeous.

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