victoria beckham headshotVictoria Beckham is pregnant! (Not that you could tell by looking at her.) She and hubby David Beckham will be bringing home a baby girl on some yet-to-be confirmed due date. But with big brothers named Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz, what’ll they call the posh little package? We’ve picked out some baby names fit for Beckham royalty! (We’re sure they’ll thank us later.)

1. Portia, Ophelia or Rosalind
They’ve already got a Romeo; why not add one of Shakespeare’s leading ladies to the mix?

2. Rosemary or Saffron
Posh might want to pay homage to her days in the Spice Girls with a sassy, spicy name.

3. Queenie or Bronx
Think they can cover all five boroughs of New York City?

4. London or Florence
… Or a few of the world’s biggest cities?

5. Birkin, Christian or Carrera
Everyone knows Posh loves her Birkin bags, sky-high Christian Louboutin heels and Carrera shades. (But, really, can you blame her? )

6. Manchester, Galaxy or Milan
Will the Beckhams’ little girl be a soccer superstar or a fashionista? (We’re guessing both!)

7. Journey, Safari or Holiday
How about a little Journey or Safari after the Cruz?

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