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Whether your cherub is due around Valentine’s Day or you’re just in the market for a little lovey-dovey inspiration, our Valentine’s baby names list aims to please!

Like a hero of a romantic novel, this strong and trendy option is hard to beat.

This V-Day staple is a shortened form of Candace, whose Latin meaning is “honest.” How much sweeter can you get?

It’s French for “flower” — and pretty much guarantees a lifetime of bouquets!

It’s a fancy way of referring to your main squeeze, and an equally beautiful name for your new bundle of joy.

Short of calling a kid Cupid, this name’s about as close to that arrow-slinging angel of love as you can get.

Love, Honor & Cherish
They’d be the cutest little triplets ever, and with virtuous names like this, they’re bound to be the most loyal, too!

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