Unisex baby names are usually favored for one gender more than the other and typically move from being chosen more often for boys to the girls’ side. But not always. Current trends show an increasing number of unisex baby names turning decidedly more blue than pink.

Rhys or Reese
Reese Witherspoon made this name seem more “girl” than “boy”, but even Elle Woods would agree that Rhys makes a legally awesome name for a boy.

Finley or Finlay
Having “gone to the girls” for the last 10 years, recent use by stars Tori Spelling and Autumn Reeser has brought Finn back to the boys.

Payton or Peyton
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning evens the playing field for this name, which used to be chosen more frequently for girls.

Kelly or Kelley
This Celtic classic is not only a lovely shade of green, but a great boy’s name. Holly Marie Combs chose it for her son in 2009 – perfectly paired with her unisex-named older boys Riley and Finley.

Sidney or Sydney
This hipper-than-hip name is primed for a comeback – it has been on the boys popularity chart since 1880! In these revivalist days of beards and suspenders, Sidney’s fit is seamless.

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