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Angela Sorrentino/Getty Images

Place names (like Brooklyn, London and Paris) are on the way out, but directional names are taking off! Check out these names that are on their way up:

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their daughter North, few were onboard with their over-the-top choice. Still, we expect it to stay true to its meaning and move up the popularity charts.

Easton is headed in the right direction for both genders: The name has been chosen by Jenna Elfman for her son, and by Elizabeth Rohm for her daughter.

Lefty & Turner
Make a bold choice with this pair for your boys and we predict they’ll really go places.

This fashionable yet underused name — commonly associated with novelist Upton Sinclair — is anything but uppity.

Westley, Weston, West
West, which is the most popular of all direction names, has celebaby endorsements a-plenty, including Jenna Fischer’s boy Weston Lee and Marley Shelton’s daughter West Flynn.

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