There’s always buzz about baby names, but the hottest of the hot in nature names currently pertain to bugs and birds. Check out these trending names that have all hearts aflutter:

Birdie & Cricket
Actress Busy Philipps is a serious trendsetter, having chosen the chirpy Birdie Lee and Cricket Pearl for her girls.

This melodic songbird is one to watch. Placing just short of the top 1000 popular girls’ names last year, we predict it takes flight in 2013.

Bee or Bea
Spelled either way, Bee’s vintage chic makes for a honey of a name.

We’re happy as a… well, you know… that celeb couple Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany chose such a lovely name for their daughter, Agnes Lark.

It’s a bug… it’s a beer… it’s a baby name!  A miller may be a common household moth, but as a name it comes with high celebrity endorsements from both Melissa Etheridge and David Duchovny .

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