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If you think Connor sounds like a classy name, it might be because one of its meanings is “nobleman.” The other meaning? “Lover of hounds.” Whichever description you prefer, we think this is a dog-gone good name for a boy (and fitting, too, since he’ll probably pee on the rug at some point before he’s potty-trained).

The name Rowan started off as a last name in Ireland and Scotland, but now it’s a somewhat unusual first name for both boys and girls. Celebrity mom Brooke Shields chose the unisex name for her eldest daughter. (Younger daughter Grier‘s name also works for girls or boys.
Brooke says she’d “love more kids.” We’d love to raid her closet—her outfits seriously rock!

Maeve was a warrior queen in medieval Irish mythology who ripped through multiple husbands and had seven kids, all while fighting battles and running her kingdom (sounds pretty much like your daily life, right?). This name is both strong and feminine–a winning combo!

Evan is a Gaelic and Welsh form of the always-classic John. We like how the name Evan sounds modern without being too “out there,” and parents agree–the name’s been steadily rising in popularity since the 1990s. Bruce Springsteen and Jenny McCarthy both chose the name Evan for their sons.

The traditional Irish name Angus is a great choice because of its distinctive, kingly sound. It can also be shortened to the retro-grandpa nickname Gus. Giving babies names formerly associated with old folks is currently the height of cool.

The name Finn is super-hot right now (and it’s the name of the super-hot singing glee club jock on Glee). It’s popular because it’s a strong one-syllable name that breaks out of the overused Tom-Nick-Joe mold. It can stand alone or be used as a nickname for Gaelic names Finnegan or Finley. Though more common for boys, actress Angie Harmon and retired pro-footballer Jason Sehorn chose the name Finley for their daughter.
We love the other baby names Angie and Jason chose, too: Finley, Avery and Emery.

Think your baby boy’s a little prince? (Don’t we all?!) Well, the name Brendan actually means prince, and this old-fashioned Gaelic name is favored in the name game over its less fashionable English cousin, Brandon (which means “broom hill”!). Actor Mark Wahlberg and his wife, model Rhea Durham, chose the name Brendan for their second son.
Mark and Rhea have four kids, and they’re not ruling out more. Mark says he loves big families–he himself is the youngest of NINE!

Gaelic name Alana is such a pretty, feminine name with a melodic sound. We’re baffled that it’s so underused, while similar-sounding Hannah and Anna are more popular choices for girls. Alana means “rock” in Gaelic, which is fitting ’cause this name ROCKS!

Hilarious Ben Stiller and his comedic-actress wife Christine Taylor didn’t choose a goofy name for their son. They chose the unique Gaelic name Quinlin, a variant spelling of Quinlan. This name follows the last-name-for-a-first-name trend and it can be shortened to the cool nickname Quinn, which is another great Gaelic name on its own.

Erin is an über-Irish name for a girl–it literally means “from Ireland.” But this crisp, fresh name sounds sweet for all girls, no matter whether there are leprechauns in your family tree or not. The masculine version Aaron is not an Irish name. Even though it sounds the same, it’s actually Hebrew in origin.

The name Devin is a great Gaelic-inspired choice for a boy’s or girl’s name. Oddly enough, similar-sounding Bevin is just a girl’s name and Kevin is just for boys!? Vanessa Williams loves it, too! She named her son Devin.

When Sex and the City character Miranda named her baby son Brady, the name instantly rose in popularity. And for good reason: It’s a subtly Gaelic name that works well with a variety of last names. Melissa Joan Hart calls her second son Brady as a nickname, but his given name is the also-Gaelic Braydon.

Patrick Dempsey and wife Jillian must have taken the phrase “Irish twins” literally–they gave both of their twin boys distinctly Irish first and middle names. We can’t decide whether we’re bigger fans of the names Darby Galen or Sullivan Patrick, but both work well with super-Irish last name Dempsey.
Patrick is such an active dad–he’s always taking older daughter Talula bike and horseback riding!

Megan is currently one of the most popular Gaelic and Welsh names for girls. It’s a variant of the name Margaret, and is more feminine and classic than like-sounding Gaelic names Reagan and Tegan. Allison Sweeney of Days of Our Lives and host of The Biggest Loser is for sure a fan of Megan–she gave the name to her daughter.

We love the clear sound of this strong two-syllable name of the patron saint of Ireland. Ironically, Patrick is not a Gaelic name–it’s Latin in origin. But since Patrick’s the reason we celebrate all things Irish on March 17, we think this name is pretty much the mack-daddy of Irish names (and the name of hottie Patrick Dempsey) and it gets an honorary place on this list.

One of the most popular names in America, Ireland and other European countries is the Gaelic name Aidan. There are a ton of different spellings for it, too–Aiden, Aden and Ayden to name a few. No matter how you spell it, the name means “little fire,” which definitely describes a feisty little boy or girl.

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