fake social security cardWho knows what the celebs are thinking when they come up with names for their kids? “I want my kid to be different!” or “I want my kid to be famous!” or “I want my kid to get beat up!” (Just kidding!) Whatever they’re thinking, if they’re thinking at all … these names sure left us thinking. …

Bronx Mowgli
We’re Thinking: This name makes us want to give a bronx cheer. Instead of The Jungle Book, maybe Ash and Pete could have consulted a baby name book when expecting? Just a thought!
Celebrity Parents: Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz

Ever Gabo
We’re Thinking: Have you Ever heard such a random name for a baby girl? At least “Gabo” should be easy for the tyke to say … it sounds just like baby talk to us.
Celebrity Parent: Milla Jovovich

Pilot Inspektor
We’re Thinking: It’s not just a name, it’s a career choice! This kid has a great future in the FAA.
Celebrity Parent: Jason Lee

Audio Science
We’re Thinking: This sounds like a course at a technical school, not a name for a kid.
Celebrity Parent: Shannyn Sossamon

We’re Thinking: Personally, we prefer Clark or Kent. (Kal-el is Superman’s Krypton name, don’tcha know?)
Celebrity Parent: Nicolas Cage

Diezel Ky & Denham Cole
We’re Thinking: These names sound like some of the pilot call signs from Top Gun.
Celebrity Parent: Toni Braxton

Rocket, Racer, Rebel & Rogue
We’re Thinking: The names of this filmmaker’s children are brought to you by the letter R!
Celebrity Parent: Robert Rodriguez

We’re Thinking: Methinks thou hast a horrible name, Jermajesty!
Celebrity Parent: Jermaine Jackson

Kyd Miller
We’re Thinking: Are you kydding us with that name?
Celebrity Parents: Tea Leoni & David Duchovny

Moxie CrimeFighter
We’re Thinking: There should be a rule against giving your daughter a name that sounds like she’s a comic book hero wearing a unitard.
Celebrity Parent: Penn Jillette

Bluebell Madonna
We’re Thinking: We guess you couldn’t decide between honoring your pop idol or your favorite bloom.
Celebrity Parent: Geri Halliwell

Fuchsia Katherine
We’re Thinking: We totally get why Sting’s daughter by his first wife ditched the name “Fuchsia” and just goes by “Kate.” (Although for a while there she considered the name Chartreuse. Just kidding!)
Celebrity Parent: Sting

We’re Thinking: Lurn to spel.
Celebrity Parent: Ving Rhames

Seven Sirius & Puma
We’re Thinking: You CANNOT be Sirius with those names!?
Celebrity Parent: Erykah Badu

Speck Wildhorse
We’re Thinking: Speck sounds like a playground put-down. Let’s hope the little guy is nice and tall!
Celebrity Parent: John Mellencamp

Kingston James McGregor & Zuma Nesta Rock
We’re Thinking: They’re not just great names, they’re great … beach vacation destinations!
Celebrity Parents: Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale