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As the Christmas and New Year’s holidays approach, parents-to-be everywhere are thinking about filling stockings, credit card bills, candy canes and… which baby names were the hottest during 2009!

Since the U.S. Social Security Administration keeps the secret ’til Mother’s Day, I checked in with the peeps of PC to see what YOU think!

What boys and girls names do YOU think are the bomb this year? Are Emma and Jacob (first of the Top Baby Names of 2008) popular with ParentsConnect parents? Or are we embracing the change and favoring something new and unusual like Gwendolyn or Augustus or even names of the first family like Barack, Malia or Michelle?

So, without further ado–and droppin’ like they’re hot–here are the scorchers for 2009 according to the clicks on ParentsConnect’s Baby Names World:

Girls’ Names

Boys’ Names

The appearance of Amanda on the top of the girls’ names list is certainly surprising, because it only made it as high as number 138 last year according to the Social Security Administration. Then again, Amanda means “lovable, must be loved,” and I guess we do!

Names from Top Baby Names of 2008 that got enough love to make the ParentsConnect top 10 in 2009 included Emma, Emily, Isabella, Olivia and Elizabeth.
Looks like ParentsConnect parents are speaking for the masses when it comes to girls names like Chloë and Abigail, which popped in at #11 and 12 on the Top Names of 2008, while the uber-popular Sophia came in the rear at a shocking #32.
Fresh faced girls’ names in the uncommon category such as Acacia, Naomi, Maya and Megan made an impression on PC users in 2009 as well, all ranking among our top viewed names.

Boys’ names were less of a shake up, aside from the dapper James at the head of the pack. James sat at the #17 spot on the Top Baby Names of 2008, but PC parents give James a rating of numero uno! Top 10 names that are found on ParentConnect’s top list include Ethan, Jacob, Michael, William and Anthony. The more unusual names found at the cream of the PC crop in 2009 for boys were Aaron, Adam, Liam and Brian.

Are the parents and future parents of ParentsConnect trendsetters in the world of names? Will we see a resurgent triumph of Amanda on the SSA’s list in 2009? Will Liam see the top 20 this year, or Ella the top 10? Will 2009 be the banner year for Acacia, who hasn’t ever “been to the show” and set foot in the top 1000? Stay tuned to find out my predictions for which baby names and name trends are hotter than hot for 2009!