cute baby girl under blanket


Which baby names will get all the love this year? Here are our predictions as we wait for the official list from Social Security Administration:

Who’s on Top?
Look for Jacob to hang on to the #1 spot for boys. (Everyone we know knows a Jacob born this year! Don’t you?) For girls (and thanks to Twilight), we see Isabella squeezing past Emma for #1.

Who’s Moving Up?
Jasper another Twilight pick, has just the right mix of classic appeal and earthy-crunchiness new moms are loving right now.

L is the letter of the year with LeilaLaylaLylaLilaLucyLeahLola and Ella all gaining steam.

Who’s Moving Down?
Jayden, Kaden, Caden, Braden, Hayden and all you other “aden” names have seen their peak. Sorry, guys!

Taylor—for girls! It’s been in the top for 20 years, but the boys are takin’ it back. Expect the same for other boys-for-girls names like Mackenzie, Bailey and Riley.

Top Name Trends
Three letters! Ava, Hal, Max, Lou and Bob all saw celebrity love this year. Other short and sweet names: Zoe, Eli, Mia, Gus, etc.

X marks the Spot!
If X is in it, it’s a cool boy name, a la Max, Dexter, Felix and Paxton. Do you think Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (parents to boys Maddox, Pax and Knox) have anything to do with this?

Multiple middle names:
With so many awesome names to choose from, parents are just choosing more! Look for little babies to have superlong names!

So, tell us, which baby names do YOU think will be popular this year?