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The official list of most popular boys’ and girls’ names is coming!

Did you know that moms and moms-to-be get a Mother’s Day gift every year courtesy of Uncle Sam? Unfortunately, it’s not cash (Boo!) or a maid to do the laundry (Hiss!). The U.S. Social Security Administration announces their Top Baby Names 2008 on Mother’s Day.

Onomasticians (a.k.a. name gurus) like me await this list with bated breath: Will 2007′s first-place girl name, Emily, be overtaken by up-and-coming Ava? Will Ethan steal the crown from number-one Jacob? Here are my name trends and predictions before 2008′s most popular baby names are announced:

An upset at #1:
The Top Baby Names for 2007 were dominated by the tried-and-true Emily and Jacob. But 2008 might be the year that they lose their number-one status. On the girl-baby-name side, Isabella and Ava are rivals this year for the top slot. Meanwhile, for boy baby names, there’s a surge of the name Ethan, as well as the “attack” of the “adens” (Aiden, Jayden, Hayden, Caden and Braden).

First-family love:
Look for the name Barack to rock the SSA’s Top 1,000 for the first time ever. When the “skinny black kid with a funny name” was elected president, that “funny name” inspired a wave of Barack Obama-inspired babies! The Obama ladies will be getting some love, too, so let’s see where Michelle, Malia and Sasha end up.

Pop culture rules:
Of course, tweens love ‘em, but the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus will have their names all over the Top Baby Names list, too! Look for Jonas, Jonah and Joseph to scream up the charts like teens scream for the band. Hannah Montana’s popularity has firmly entrenched Hannah‘s spot in the Top 10, but look for Miley, Mylie and Mylee to continue to take center stage, as will the male counterparts of Miles, Myles and Milo.

Year of the vampire:
Smell ya later, Harry Potter, there’s a new mythical game in town. Names from the Twilight book series are expected to fly up the charts: Edward, Jasper, Cullen, Seth and Emmett. Popular girl baby names from the series are Bella, Alice, Esme, Rosalie and Claire.

Little old men and ladies:
The classics will continue to figure strongly on 2008′s list of popular baby names: Katherine, Chloë, Sophia and Olivia will continue to dominate girls names, while Charles, Caleb, Gabriel and Jack keep forging to the top of the boy names list.

“Go green” incentive:
Everyone is going green and baby names are no different. Names pruned from nature flourish in this year’s Top Names: Ruby, Violet, Lily, Iris, Ivy and even Olive are becoming quite popular.

So those are my baby-name predictions for 2008. What will Mother’s Day bring besides cards, flowers and macaroni pictures? The hottest baby names in the nation, that’s what.