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You’ve heard the joke that newborn babies look just like little old men, right? Well, giving baby boys names associated with great-grandpas and pop-pops is currently one of the hottest baby-naming trends! From Albert to Zeke, baby boy names from yesteryear are as modern as they come. Celebrity parents are embracing the blast-from-the-past names for their little guys, too. Here are our favorite throwback names for baby boys.

Reality star Kendra Wilkinson may not be your traditional “girl next door,” but she and footballer husband Hank Baskett sure gave their son a traditional boy-next-door name. Not only is Hank–a common nickname for Henry–an ultra-classic, stately choice for a boy’s name, they also named him after his dad, grandpa and great-grandpa. He’s Henry the Fourth! It doesn’t get more regal and retro than that!

Sandra Bullock was totally up on the old-fashioned name trend when she chose the name Louis for her son. She named him after jazz legend Louis Armstrong, and both Louises were born in New Orleans … which is also the town where Sandra adopted her son into her heart (aww!). We predict that Sandra’s choice will influence this name’s popularity–watch for more little Louises to join the playgroup.

David Letterman named his son, now 6, Harry after his father. This popular practice of honoring older generations is one of the big reasons why baby names are recycled and go in and out of fashion. Simon Baker of The Mentalist has a son named Harry, too. And of course, there are those books and movies about some wizard kid named Harry. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

We’re crediting Brad and Angelina: Boy names that include a letter “X” are popular to the max! In addition to Brangie’s Maddox, Pax and Knox, one old-school X name ex-celling on the name charts is Felix. The X-Files‘ Gillian Anderson named her youngest son Felix, and we’re betting you’ll be hearing more baby boys with this name soon.

Eli was once a mega-popular men’s name back in the Civil War era. (Remember learning about cotton gin inventor Eli Whitney in elementary school? OK, we really don’t either.) Proof that this name rocks: The Dark Queen of Cool, Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer, gave her son (as well as a Wolf Pack character) this name.

We’re all hearing the name Charlie for boys (and girls!) more and more in the playdate world, and we think it’s a solid choice. This jolly nickname for Charles will never go out of style. Like Michael/Mike and John/Jack, Charlie and Charles are names your little guy can wear well until he really is an old man! Russell Crowe (pictured here), Tiger Woods and Sarah Chalke of Scrubs agree–they all have young sons named Charlie.

Wonder if Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are retro-style comic book buffs? Because Archie is not only their son’s name, it’s the name of the red-headed kid on the classic 1950s-style comics. We’re feeling the quirky coolness of this nostalgic name and love its originality. We’re just crossing our fingers that Amy and Will don’t name son #2 Jughead!

We give Owen a grade of “O” … for outstanding! We dig how this name sounds powerful and masculine at the start, and then softens at the end with the “wen.” And not only is this name old-fashioned, it also has a folksy, indie vibe. That must be why crunchy mamas Carrie-Anne Moss and Ricki Lake both gave a son this name.

Fred Astaire, Fred Rogers, Fred Flintstone! … History is just swimming with old guys with the friendly, strong name Fred. Just as Jack and Will regained popularity in recent years, we think this boy name is due for a comeback. In fact, Blossom‘s Mayim Bialik named her son Frederick.

We all know that the astrological sign of Leo is the lion, so the name Leo is often associated with courage, bravery and leadership. Not too shabby. But the name Leo is also totally retrolicious! And if a name makes you think of the King of the Jungle and a loving grandpa, isn’t that a pretty perfect combo? Kim Raver of Grey’s Anatomy must agree–she chose this name for one of her sons.

(OK, we know we said “Top Ten”, but we couldn’t resist one more!) We may never walk the Victoria’s Secret catwalk in lingerie and angel wings just six weeks after giving birth like Heidi Klum did. But we can forgo the weird flash-in-the-pan baby-naming trends and stick to names that have worked for hundreds of years, like Henry. Heidi and hubby Seal bestowed this kingly name on their first son, and we think its timeless chic takes the crown.

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