Twins mean twice the joy — and twice the number of names you need to come up with. Try these tips to help make naming your two newest additions a breeze!

1. Don’t be “cute.” Resist the impulse to use overly precious pairings, rhymes, word plays and sound-alikes. This applies to “cutesy” nicknames too: Samantha and Camille can become a mouthful as Sammie and Cammie.

2. Beware of same first initials. This practice is somewhat dated, but some people do love the idea for their twins. If you insist on matching initials, make sure you select names that still sound very different from each other. For instance, Edward and Eric work much better than Ethan and Easton.

3. Take special care with boy-girl pairs. Choosing very unisex names for your pair—like Jordan and London—makes it more confusing for others to keep them straight.

4. Remember: Each child is an individual. Every child has a completely different personality and names should reflect this individuality—  especially in the case of twins who have to share everything. Try to honor this while not falling completely out-of-step. For example, Olivia and Madeline are different, yet similar in style while Olivia and Jaylyn are not.

What are your favorite names for twins? Tell us in the comments below!