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Grappling for truly unique baby name? Consider a noun! They’re familiar; they’re easy to spell and pronounce; and many of them are still relatively rare.  If you’re looking for a name that fits in and stands out, a noun name is a promising choice.

Out of the Wild star Emile Hirsh blazed a brave trail when he chose this name for his son last year.

Holiday is the full name of Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Actor Harold Perrineau & wife Brittany favored its quirky cool, naming their third daughter Holiday Grace last year.

This noble word name, reminiscent of gilded armor and dragon slaying, was chosen by singers Kelis & Nas for their boy in 2009. Actress Jamie King picked it last year for her son James Knight.

Alicia Silverstone’s son Bear Blu started the ursine baby trend in 2011. And with Kate Winslet following suit in 2013, the name is sure to stick around.

Duck Dynasty’s Jep & Jessica’s youngest daughter is Merritt, and since the family seems to be successful at inspiring baby names, this virtue name is sure to be a hit.

This nature name has great flow! Actress Molly Sims agrees: She chose Brooks Alan for her son, born in June 2012.

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